This project is now completed! Thank you for your interest!

On the 13th of June 2020, Bishop Emmanuel delivered a bread oven to the Amazing Grace Mothers’ Union (MU) group! In total 10 bread ovens were bought for 10 MU groups, which empowers women through the skill of baking. This is key to sustaining the livelihood of families, as the bread can be eaten, shared and sold to others which will generate more positive change in the communnity. 

Bread Ovens Bought

To raise money for the bread ovens, a fundraising event was held at The Lamb in Devizes, with local music talent performing. The CD sales went directly to the bread ovens. The fundraiser was a great success as money for 7 bread ovens was raised! A massive thank you to the 40 people that came along to support the evening and just about squeeze into the upstairs room at The Lamb.
A huge thank you too to Nick (the ivories) and Ben (the maestro) Bryan, Nikki (the word) Cottrell, Barbara (the voice) Gompels and last but not least, Pete (the rocker) Assirati who’s idea the whole thing was.

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