Friends of Kajo Keji College

Friends of Kajo Keji College partners with
Projects Delivering Hope

Who are Friends of Kajo Keji?

Friends of Kajo-Keji College was set up to provide financial support to Kajo-Keij Christian College when it was forced to relocate to Uganda in 2017 following violence in South Sudan. It consists of a group of UK based donors who each provide at least £5 a month to support the college and the important work they do to provide education for the South Sudanese.  John and Cathie Rutter are the founders and worked at the college in 2017-2018 with the Church Mission Society, John teaching Theology and Cathie working in admin and finance. If you would like to join this group, please contact  

How do we help the college?

  • Subsidise staff salaries
  • Provide medical expenses for staff and students
  • Support staff development 
  • Fund agricultural projects in Romogi in South Sudan
  • Help fund college outreach and training courses in the wider Diocese and on the camps

Why team up with PDH?

  • We are both committed to helping the South Sudanese and providing support
  • Projects Delivering Hope was already committed to support the college’s move back to Romogi – click here for details
  • It enables Friends of Kajo-Keji College donations to be eligible for Gift Aid which raises more money to help the South Sudanese

Kajo-Keji Christian College

You can download the latest Kajo-Keji Christian College newsletter here: KKC Newsletter May-September 2023

Renovating in Romogi
KKCC Romogi
Students at KKCC
Devotions at KKCC
Agricultural land
Bishop James
Rev Kiju Paul


  • The college provides courses in Theology, Education and Business Studies.
  • It is progressing towards University status as one of the 5 campuses of the Episcopal University of South Sudan
  • It has a great track record in training pastors and many graduates are now in key roles in the South Sudan Church.
  • As of December 2023, the appointed Principal is Rev Michael Kiju Paul who is from Kajo-Keji but has been in service in Texas. The previous Principal, Rev Canon Dr James Lule Kenyi, was appointed Bishop in the summer of 2023.


  • 1993: founded by the Diocese of Kajo-Keji, the college had the aim to train local church leaders/workers to meet the tremendous growth of the church in South Sudan and Sudan
  • 1994: due to the violence in South Sudan, the college was displaced to Adjumani, Northern Uganda
  • 1997: residential courses started
  • 2008: the college relocated back to Romogi, Kajo-Keji in South Sudan
  • 2017: due to further violence, the College had to relocate to Moyo, Northern Uganda
  • 2020:in July the college moved back to its site in Romogi and set about restoring and renovating damaged buildings and facilities

Latest News - December 2022

The college

  • A priority is to obtain the necessary certificates with the ministry of Higher Education so that the college will be able to get its accreditation certificate. 
  • All the classroom blocks are now renovated. The next plans for development are for a Chapel, a female dormitory, an office block, a further classroom block and the Principal’s house. All of this relies on funding being secured. 

The people

  • The current number of students is 141 with the following breakdown: Theology – 41; Business – 50 and Education – 50. 
  • John Rutter continues to provide online teaching on the degree course as and when requested. 
  • James, the previous Principal completed his PhD, (subject to professional editing) on the topic of middle management at the Universty of Juba. 
  • The new Principal, Rev Michael Kiju Paul, was appointed in December 2023.

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