Repairs to Kajo Keji College

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Repairs to Kajo Keji College

Please help us raise £2000 towards solar panels for Kajo Keji College
to enable important education to continue

Kajo Keji Christian College
  • Kajo Keji Christian College has University status and provides courses in Theology, Education and Business Studies and is based in Romoggi, South Sudan
  • The college had to move to a temporary location in January 2017 when civil war broke out and lives were in danger and the college was ransacked
  • As the South Sudanese return home, we want to help repair the college so that they can continue the training which is essential to the future of South Sudan as it moves into a time of peace and rebuilds fragile communities

Solar Panels

We want to raise funds for solar panels to harness energy from the sun – the only source of power to allow the college to operate its electrical systems.

Thank you to those who have already enabled us to donate $2,500 to support the wider refurbishment of the college

The water system in need of repairs: 

Many of the electrical appliances of the college are unusable:

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