Repairs to Kajo Keji College

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Repairs to Kajo Keji College

We are not actively fundraising for this project whilst we focus on the Seeds appeal.

The work will need to be carried out at some point but in the meantime, we were able to transfer the money we had raised with your generous help (around £500) to support the work of the college in dealing with the Covid pandemic.

Kajo Keji Christian College is based in Romoggi, South Sudan. Sadly however, the college had to move out in January 2017 when civil war broke out and lives were in danger. The college took all that they could carry with them and set up temporary home in a former orphanage building in Moyo, Uganda where they now live and study. There are over 100 students and the college runs theology, business management and service teacher training courses. All of these courses provide training in subjects which are essential to the future of South Sudan and its people as it moves into a time of peace and rebuilds its fragile communities.

The college principal is keen to make arrangements for the college to return to its campus in Romoggi. However, during the civil war, doors and windows broken into, solar panels, water pipes, wiring and pumps were stolen, and the buildings were ransacked leaving over $100,000 of repairs needed. Projects Delivering Hope has been asked to help with the replacement and repair of the water pumps and system at a cost of around $7,000 (£5,000). A good water supply is essential to the college being able to return. The solar panels and pumps allow fresh water to be pumped up from the bore hole and without this they would have to rely on rainwater harvesting or fetching water from the river 2km away which would then need to be boiled and filtered before it could be used.

The water system in need of repairs: 

Many of the electrical appliances of the college are unusable:

There are no longer any solar panels as they were stolen. 

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