Special Christmas Appeal!

This project is now complete. Our thanks to all those who contributed!

When the refugees arrived in Uganda in 2017 each family was given a tarpaulin to provide a waterproof roof to their mud hut. However, with the wind, rain and sun constantly battering them over the past 3 years, many have become worn and split and no longer provide good shelter.

Obtaining replacements is costly and difficult.

We are seeking donations of £10 towards each new UNHCR tarpaulin that will cover one family’s accommodation and protect them from the elements. Your barbecue or lawn mower probably has a better cover than the South Sudanese families living on the refugee camps.

And if you’re struggling to think of a Christmas present for family and friends why not purchase a tarpaulin on their behalf?

For an additional £5 we can provide you with a ‘tarpaulin voucher’ – a photo of a genuine section of UNHCR tarpaulin, taken by us, that you can pack up and send to your friends and family. Please use the PDH contact email projects@projectsdeliveringhope.org.uk to let us know your postal address for your special delivery!

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