Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

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Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

We have raised £10,000 to help the
South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

This project is now complete

Our thanks to all those who contributed!

Coronavirus has had a massive impact on the South Sudanese refugees living in Northern Uganda. Due to the greater demands on the United Nations food programmes, supplies on the refugee camps in Uganda have been reduced by 30%. Our partner working there spoke of ‘outcries of starvation and desperation from our people’.  Thanks to the help of our supporters we have been able to provide many people in the refugee camps with enough food to enable them to get through until the harvest.

Due to the close proximity of people and poor health systems there was a real risk that Coronavirus would spread quickly in the refugee camps. 

We were able to use some of the funds raised to pay for 4,000 bars of soap, hand sanitisers, masks and PPE to help reduce the risk of the spread of the virus. 

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