Kajo Keji Massacre Food Appeal

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Kajo Keji Massacre
Food Appeal

This project is now complete!
Projects Delivering hope raised over £2,000 to feed those displaced by the recent Kajo Keji massacre.

As the rebel fighting had reduced, many South Sudanese had returned from the refugee camps to their homes in Kajo Keji. However, a group of cattle herders with guns have driven 1000s of cattle through the Kajo Keji villages to take over the land to feed their cattle.

The cattle herders have massacred 28 of the local people. Currently 2700 have now fled their villages and are in hiding in a nearby church.

There is not enough food for everyone, so we are raising £1000 over the next 2 weeks by which time the UN refugee agency should be able to provide ongoing support. Can you help?

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