Smile Children’s Charity Village

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Smile Children’s Charity Village

A charity which looks after and trains orphaned refugee children in practical life skills 
This project is now complete.

Projects Delivering Hope has supported the Smile Children’s Charity Village to sustain itself by raising £10,600 to set up a chicken farm and enable 32 young people to train in hairdressing or tailoring and provide the tailors with sewing machines upon graduation. 

Hairdressing & Tailoring Training – Update

Thanks to your support, we have raised £4,800 to enable refugee orphaned girls to train in tailoring and hairdressing with 25 becoming tailors and 7 will be hairdressers. This included their full-board, lodging and essential start-up materials. Practical skills training started on 14th February and runs for 9 months. Our donations enabled 15 sewing machines to be purchased along with hairdressing kits. Many of the girls are young mothers who dropped out of school and have said:
“We feel like this is a real turning point in our lives!”


 Chicken Farm – Update

Thanks to your support, we raised £4800 to buy 1000 chickens. This included shelters, food and labour for the chickens. The eggs can be used to feed the orphans and also sold as additional income. The farm will help the Smile Children’s Charity Village sustain itself going forward.

What is the Smile Children’s Charity Village? 

  • This is a home for South Sudanese young people orphaned while they were refugees. 
  • The village was set up recently by Francis Candiga to train vulnerable and orphaned refugee children of all ages in practical life skills that will enable them to eventually earn their own living. 
  • In addition to basic food and accommodation, training is provided in sustainable life and business skills such as hairdressing and tailoring. 
  • Each student will graduate with new skills, some equipment and a small fund to help them set up their new business. 
Who is Francis Candiga? 
  • Francis is one of the most extraordinary people we, at Projects Delivering Hope, have come across. For all his working life, he has worked with vulnerable South Sudanese children that have been caught up in unimaginably difficult situations. 
  • Francis’ ambition is that activities such as chicken farming will enable the Smile Children’s Charity Village to completely sustain itself going forward. 
Your donation, no matter how small or large will make a huge difference to these wonderful young people!

Projects Delivering Hope previously contributed to the provision of food, fencing and water tanks for the Smile Children’s Charity Village


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