On April 1st 2020 the Trustees have decided to pause all of our current and ongoing projects in order to focus on the urgent need to help stop the spread of the coronavirus in the refugee camp. 

The Bishop has asked us to raise funds to enable them to:

  1. Purchase hand washing facilities such as soap and sanitisers. These are stationed at the entry points to markets and other places where the community gathers, as well as being distributed to vulnerable families and individuals. 
  2.  Communicate with the people through radio broadcast and explain how to avoid becoming infected, as well as to spread messages of Christian hope and encouragement. Although radios are scarce amongst the community, those who do hear will be encouraged to spread the word. A radio fee has to be paid to make this possible.

With thanks to your continued support, 2096 bars of soap have now been distributed to 1048 people on Palorinya Refugee camp in Uganda, and a similar amount in Kajo Kaji County, South Sudan.

But there is more to do. UN rations have been reduced by 30% and some refugees are attempting the dangerous journey home where they can grow food. There is no provision for them there and some are starving.

We have set a fund raising target of £10,000 and we would be so grateful if you would kindly contribute to this urgent appeal for funds.

Please donate here. This will take you to our Give.net fund raising platform where you will be able to donate via debit or credit card and make a GiftAid declaration if you are a taxpayer. Thank you! 

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