Back in April, we started to receive the news about the impact of coronavirus on the South Sudanese refugees living in Northern Uganda.  With your help we have already been able to support our partner to buy over 4,000 bars of soap which have been distributed to thousands of people, both on the Palorinya Refugee camp in Uganda and to the families that have returned home to South Sudan. This undoubtedly has helped reduce the spread of the virus and has potentially saved lives. We cannot thank you enough for your support with this work.

As with the Covid pandemic across the world, the situation is changing and, sadly for the South Sudanese, the situation has worsened.

When we spoke to our local partner recently they explained that due to greater demands on the United Nations food programmes, supplies on the camps in Uganda have been halved from 12Kg per person per month to just 6Kg. That’s just 200 grams of low energy beans and maize food per person per day.

In desperation, 153,000 people have left the camps to return to their homes in South Sudan. Initially people were surviving by eating wild growing mangoes whilst they planted their crops and waited for a harvest (of which there are two per year). The mangoes have now all been eaten, leaving the people starving whilst they patiently wait for their food to grow. Our partner talks of ‘outcries of starvation and desperation from our people’.

This update then is about providing a short-term bridge to provide enough food to enable the people to get through until the harvest.

As a result of this tragic situation, and in consultation with our partner, we are now appealing for support for the purchase of emergency food and seeds to prepare for the restocking of next seasons crops.

Please donate here. This will take you to our fund raising platform where you will be able to donate via debit or credit card and make a GiftAid declaration if you are a taxpayer. Thank you! 

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