Smile Children’s Charity Clinic

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Smile Children's Charity Village Clinic

We raised £5000 to build a clinic and save lives!

Good health and nutrition contributes to stronger physical and mental growth.

In Uganda today, the leading cause of deaths among children is Malaria followed by other communicable diseases. Many children die due to delay in providing treatment to the patient. When a child feels sick they are only provided painkillers to relieve the pain and fever; shortly after that the disease comes back in a full force that in most cases kills.

At Smile Children’s Charity Village, when the children get ill, they are taken to the nearby clinic for treatment. However, this treatment is very expensive compared to the cost of the medicine from the pharmacy. During the rainy season, children frequently get ill  from malaria because of the prevalence of mosquitoes attracted by surrounding bushes and stagnant water and treatment for malaria. 

Setting up a clinic at Smile Children’s Charity Village is a much more cost effective way of providing treatment. 

A Smile Children’s Charity Village Clinic will: 

1. Provide treatment to the children at very low cost, hence cutting the expenses on treatment by about 60%.

2. Provide treatment not only to the children at the village, but to the children in the school at a reduced cost lower than what is charged in the clinics in the nearby town.

3. Provide treatment to the vulnerable community especially children and mothers at reduced cost

4. Raise additional income for SMILE. 

5. Share the love of God with all those who come to seek treatment

5. After 5 -10 years, the clinic could be developed into a full hospital to provide health services to the whole community

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